Don’t forget.
Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you.
As long as you remember her,
you are not alone.

Light is everywhere. It springs from the candle at a child's bedside, warding off the monsters in the dark. It shines from the sun, high in the sky, bringing life and warmth to all the lands of the world. It hangs in the endless void between stars, bearing witness to the awesome splendor of the universe. It lingers in the Astral expanses between worlds. But more than anywhere else - more than in the brightest lamp, or fiercest fire - Light shines in the hearts and souls of mortals.

Not all of them can feel it. Most truly experience the surging of light a handful of times in their life. But for some, the light is a calling. It is a purpose, ingrained into their very nature - to live and breathe as the beacons to hold fast to the light in an often dark and terrible world.

The children of light fight for a bright new day. A morning that shines in innocence, where love and laughter drown out the wicked dark. Their hope burns strong and swift, though older and wiser heads will gently rebuke such fanciful dreams. For even the sternest admonition must falter before wide and innocent eyes.

After all... what wonders might be wrought if they are right?

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This is a Wiki describing the Tome of Radiance, a fan-made supplement for the D&D 3.5 roleplaying game inspired by Magical Girl genre.

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