The Light Runner is a Prestige Class that shares most of its attributes with the Aerial Mage. Unless noted below, it works precisely as the Aerial Mage. A character can have levels in both Aerial Mage and Light Runner.

Class Skills: Add Balance (Dex), remove Spot (Wis)

Runners Costume: Alters Fliers Costume, replacing Nimble with Weightless. Nimble Runner: Replaces Nimble Flier. A Light Runner can add her Evoker Attribute modifier to all Balance- and Tumble-checks.

Vertical Run: Replaces Winged Speed. If a Light Runner has at least six motes invested into her Nimble Costume Feature, she can run up vertical surfaces as if she had a Climb speed equal to half her land speed. If she has at least 12 motes invested, she can run over liquid surfaces, treating them as solid ground.

Evasion: A Light Runner gains Evasion instead of Aerial Evasion.

Magical Parcour: Replaces Supersonic Flight. By gathering speed for two rounds (running in a straight line at your run-speed) you can being a Magical Parkour run. During your Parcour, you can multiply all jump-distances by 10, and your jump-distances are limited by your run-speed instead of your normal land-speed. You do not take damage from falling during your Parkour, but you can not avoid attacks of opportunity. You can also run on any solid or liquid surface, including vertical ones, and are not hindered by difficult terrain. You must move at least double your speed during your Parkour, and can end it by spending a full-round action to land.

Improved Evasion: A Light Runner gains Improved Evasion instead of Improved Aerial Evasion.

Run Free: Alters Freedom of the Skies. Replace “Weightless” with “Nimble”.